BOP-A-DEEDLE! (2005)

        [3322 4331 Timp Perc (4) Solo Perc, Str]; 12 min.

        For Afro-Caribbean percussion and orchestra. Commissioned by Louis Vuitton

        on its 150th anniversary.  Premiered on April 4, 2004 by Russell (Baba Sango) 

        Robertson and the Hawaii Youth Symphony Orchestra, Henry Miyamura, conductor.



        [33334331 Timp Perc (4) Hp Pf Str]; 22 min.        

        Premiered on 10/13/2092 by the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra, Donald Johanos,

        Conductor. "…intriguing new work…blending Eastern and Western musical

        traditions,” Greg Shepherd, Honolulu Advertiser.



        [3222 4331 Timp Perc (4) Hp Pf Str]; 10 min., Music Sales/G. Schirmer.

        Commissioned by the Duluth Symphony and premiered by the orchestra, Herman

        Hertz, conductor, at the opening of a new Arena-Auditorium complex in Duluth,



E KUI LIMA ("Join Hands”)  (2002)

        [3332 4331 Timp Perc (3) Hp Pno Str]; 8 min.

        A concertino for horn, two violins and orchestra.
        Commissioned and premiered by the Hawai’i Youth Symphony,
        Henry Miyamura, conductor, young soloists from Japan, Alaska and Hawai’i.



        [3332 4331 Timp Perc (3) Hp Pno Str]; 10 min.

        Transcription of "Evocations” for band. Commissioned by Central Pacific Bank,

        Honolulu in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Hawai'i.

        Performed in Blaisdell Concert Hall, Honolulu, by the Hawai’i Youth Symphony

        Henry Miyamura, conductor, on 3/7/85, 12/9/85 and on 4/22/01.



        [3232 4331 Timp Perc (3) Str]; 12 min.

        The ‘sea themes’ are "Skye Boat Song” and "The Drunken Sailor.  Premiered by

        the Eugene Oregon Youth Symphony, Henry Miyamura, conductor 6/26/82.


FANTASY ON A QUIET THEME (1956) for Chamber Orchestra

        [1111 2110 Perc (1) Hp Str] 8 min. Music Sales/G. Schirmer

        Premiered by the Eastman Philharmonic Orchestra, Howard Hanson, conductor,

        at the Inter-American Music Festival, Washington, D.C. 4/27/61. Recorded by

        the Atlantic Symphony (CBC Symphony SM 241), Klaro Mizertt, conductor.

        "A beautifully unpretentious FANTASY ON A QUIET THEME by Canada’s

        Neil McKay opened the program…” Paul Hume in the Washington Post 4/29/61.



        [3332 4331 Perc (4) Pno Str SATB Chorus]; 15 min.

        Introduction and songs of seven Pacific Rim countries.  Commissioned and

        premiered by the Hawai’i Youth Symphony, Henry Miyamura, conductor, and the 

        Honolulu Symphony Chorus, Karen Kennedy, director.  Premiered at Blaisdell

        Concert Hall, Honolulu, 12/4/05.


JE ME SOUVIENS! ("I Remember”) (2003)

        [3332 4331 Timp Perc (4) Str]; 9 min.

        For speaker and orchestra. Based on a poem by Gerard de Nerval and

        written in collaboration with the University of Hawai’i French department.

        Premiered on April 7, 2003 in Blaisdell Concert Hall, Honolulu, with Jean

        Toyama, speaker, and the University of Hawaii Symphony Orchestra,

        Henry Miyamura, conductor.      



        [3222 4331 Timp Perc (3) Str]; 12 min.

        Commissioned by the Eugene Oregon Youth Symphony Association in 

        celebration of its 50th anniversary.  The conductor Richard Long wrote:

        "…the work is very effective as an introduction to the instruments of the

        orchestra…it was well received by everyone… I am very, very pleased we

        undertook this venture.”



        [3332 4331 Timp Perc (4) Hp Pf Cho (optional) Str; 12 min.

        Selections from the opera "Kahalaopuna, Princess of Manoa.”  Premiered in

        Blaisdell Concert Hall, Honolulu, by Hawai’i Youth Symphony, Henry

        Miyamura, conductor and the Hawai’i Youth Opera Chorus, Nola Nahulu,

        director, 12/30/00.


NA MELE OVERTURE, Songs of Hawai’i (2003)

        [3323 4331 Timp Perc (4) Pno Str]; 10 min. A medley of popular Hawaiian

        songs. Premiered on 11/28/04 in the Hilton Hawaiian Village Ballroom,

        Honolulu, by the Hawai’i Youth Symphony, Henry Miyamura, conductor.


PARABLES OF KYAI GANDRUNG for Javanese gamelan and orchestra (1976)

        Hardja Susilo, co-composer; 25 min.

        [3323 4331 Timp Perc (4) Javanese gamelan Str]

        Commissioned for the bicentennial year and premiered at Blaisdell Concert Hall

        on 4/19,21,23/76 by the Honolulu Symphony orchestra, Robert LaMarchina,

        conductor,  and the gamelan ensemble of the University of Hawai’i, Hardja

        Susilo, director.  "…emerged at its premiere as a bicultural masterpiece. The

        audience loved it, and so did I.” Howard  Driver, Honolulu Advertiser.



        [3222 4331 Timp Perc (4) Str]; 7 min.  Premiered at the Festival of the

        Arts of This Century, Kennedy Theatre, University of Hawai’i. Festival Orchestra

        conducted by the composer. "…sonically was ultimately the

        instrumental effects that impressed most.” (Lee Winters, Honolulu Advertiser,



SYMPHONY NO.1 (1956) Kalmus Pub.

        [3333 4331 Timp Perc (2) Str] three movements

        The second movement, Larghetto, won an Edward Benjamin prize for quiet music.

        It was subsequently recorded by the Eastman-Rochester Orchestra, Howard

        Hanson, conductor, on the Mercury album "Music for Quiet Listening.”

        An early performance of the symphony (12/11/60) took place at a Composer’s

        Conference in Dallas, Texas, with the Dallas Symphony conducted by Donald

        Johanos.  "…a fresh gushet of melody… and sophisticated skill.” (John

        Rosenfield, Dallas Morning News 12/12/60).



        [3333 4331 Timp Perc (4) Hp Pf Str] 19 min. Three movements:

        1."and thereby hangs a tale” 2."such sweet sorrow” 3."pribbles and prabbles”

        Premiered by the University of Hawai’i Symphony, Henry Miyamura, conductor,

        in Blaisdell Concert Hall, 12/3/01.

        Winner of the 2002 Competition for American Composers sponsored by

        the Loudoun Symphony, (VA) Mark McCoy, conductor.



        [3222 4331 Timp Perc (3) Str]; 8 minutes Music Sales/G. Schirmer

        Commissioned by the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra, Henry Miyamura,

        conductor. Requires narrator and audience participation by school children

        being introduced to a symphony orchestra. "…It was a great success with the kids

        and the parents…”Gisele Ben-Dor,  conductor, Houston Symphony.


VOICE OF THE PHOENIX, Concerto for Koto and Orchestra based on

        Yatsuhashi’s "Midare” (1984) {3222 2110 Timp Perc (2) Koto Str];16 min.

        Commissioned by Ricardo Trimillos and first performed by him with the Reading,

        PA Symphony Orchestra, Sidney Rothstein, conductor



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        Theme and variations based on the lumberman’s song "A Shanty man’s life.”

        Transcription of "Jubilee, Variations on an American Theme” orchestra version.



        10 min. Music Sales/G. Schirmer.

        Transcribed from orchestra version. Commissioned by McKinley High School,



THE DRUNKEN SAILOR (1982) 5 min.

        Variations on the sea chanty.


EVOCATIONS (1968) 8 min.  Shawnee Press 1968.

        Commissioned by McKinley High School, Honolulu and premiered there by the

        High school band, Henry Miyamura, conductor (1/31/70).  The New York City

        All-City High School band performed it in Carnegie Hall, Gabriel Kosakoff,

        conductor (5/22/74). "This letter is a token of great admiration for the extremely

        sensitive writing which you are doing… the most significant work for band to

        blossom in a long time…”, Joel Blahnik, Wisconsin music educator, composer,

        conductor and writer.



        Written at the MacDowell Colony on a University of Wisconsin research grant.

        Published and recorded on Bandfare album 11 by Shawnee Press.

        "…brilliantly scored ….many exciting and dynamic moments…,”

        H.R.R., Instrumentalist 5/8/1977.


GAMELAN GONG (1971) 5 min.

        Commissioned by the Curriculum Research Center, University of Hawai’i.

        Published by Shawnee Press in 1974.  First performed by the University of

        Hawai’i Symphonic Band, Richard Lum, conductor, at McKinley High School

        Auditorium 4/23/1972.  "…the purpose of the composition is not to recreate the

        authentic sound of a Balinese gamelan ensemble, but rather to represent its overall

        effect using elements of Western instrumental music.” Instrumentalist 10/75.


NA MELE O KAHALAOPUNA (1997) 12 min.

        Songs from Neil’s opera "Kahalaopuna” (chorus optional). First performed

        at Blaisdell Concert Hall, Honolulu by the University of Hawai’i Symphonic Wind

        Ensemble, Grant Okamura, conductor.


NA MELE OVERTURE (Songs of  Hawai’i) For Wind Ensemble (2004) 12 min.

        Transcription of NA MELE OVERTURE (orchestra version).

        Commissioned by Pacific Music Institute.  Premiered by the Honolulu

        Symphonic Winds, Pearl City Cultural Center, Hawai’i, Henry Miyamura,

        Conductor 7/21/05.


PRELUDE AND FUGUE (1958) 6 min.

        First performed by the Concert Band, University of Wisconsin, Superior

        2/11/58, Norman Stafford, conductor.  Also at Kennedy Theatre, Honolulu

        by the University of Hawai’i Concert Band, Grant Okamura, conductor 2/24/94.


SKYE BOAT SONG (1982) 6 min.

        Published by Shawnee Press in 1987. First performed at the (Chicago) Mid-West

        Band Clinic by the Northshore Concert Band, John Paynter, conductor.


SUCH SWEET SORROW (2006) 7 min.

        Transcription of second movement of Symphony No.2.


SYMPHONY FOR WINDS (2004) 20 min.

        Transcription of Symphony No.1 and commissioned by the Pacific Music

        Institute.  Performed by the Honolulu Symphonic Winds, at Pearl City Cultural

        Centre, Henry Miyamura, conductor, 5/18/05; at McKinley High School, Grant

        Okamura, conductor, 5/18/05; and by the University of North Carolina,

        Greensboro Wind Ensemble, Kevin Geraldi, conductor, 10/13/05.



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        Opera for youth based on a Hawaiian legend. Piano, 8 soloists and chorus.

        Commissioned by the Hawai’i Youth Opera Chorus, Nola Nahulu, director.

        Libretto by the composer. Filmed for Hawai’i Public Television and telecast

        2/13/5 and 2/17/95.  Two performances by students K-12 at Mills Gym,

        Mid-Pacific Institute, Honolulu, Diane Koshi director.



        Opera for youth based on a Hawaiian legend. Piano, 12 soloists and chorus.

        Libretto by the composer.  Commissioned by the Hawai’i Youth Opera Chorus,

        Nola Nahulu, director.  Performed at Honolulu City Hall 7/28-29/95 and at

        Tenney Theater, St. Andrew’s Prioery  4/14-16/04. With chamber orchestra

        added, four performances at Paliku Theatre, Windward Community College,

        Kaneohe, HI, Aaron Mahi, conductor, 6/27-29/08, and also at Neil Blaisdell

        Concert Hall, Honolulu, Aaron Mahi, conductor 4/20/09.



        Comic opera, libretto by Grady Smith.  Five performers with piano or orchestra.

        First performed at the Matinee Musicale, Duluth, Min. 3/15/66,

        and again at the  Fine Arts Festival, University of Wisconsin, Superior 6/2/66.

        Performed in Orvis Auditorium, Honolulu (4/24-26,67), and again in 4/10/78.

        Also performed at the New York City Director’s Festival, University of

        Washington, Seattle, John Hagen, producer 3/4/85. "Ring Around Harlequin is a

        smash! (Gladys Hildebrandt, Duluth, MN). "…openly farcical in the Italian

        commedia dell arte tradition…joyful inanity…” Lee Winters, Honolulu Advertiser.


PLANTING A PEAR TREE (1970) 17 min.

        Experimental adaptation of ancient Chinese legend. 10 characters. Orchestra on

        stage with Eastern and Western instruments. Libretto by the composer. Performed

        by University of Hawai’i Opera Workshop, in Orvis Auditorium, 4/17-18/70



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A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM (SATB) (1967) 4 min. .

        Text by Edgar Allen Poe.  Published by Lawson and Gould, Music 70.

        First performed at Roosevelt High School, Honolulu, by the University of Hawai’i

        Singers, Norman Rian, conductor 2/23/68.



        Women’s chorus (SSA) with Koto or Harp or String Orchestra or

        String Quartet.  Commissioned by the Inouye Ensemble of New York.


FOLK SONG FANTASY (1960) 6 min.  Bb Cl and Chorus, SATB

        Based on three Canadian folk songs: "Lots of Fish in Bonavist Harbour,”

        "I’ll Give My Love an Apple” and "Come and Dance with Me.”

        "Your composition has been a hit wherever the Faculty of Music Singers

        have performed it…”  Deral Johnson, Professor, University of Western Ontario.

        Also scored for clarinet, chorus and chamber orchestra.


KU’U PUA ROSE (1999) for Chorus (SATB) and light percussion played by chorus

        members. Poem by W.M.K. Laymance in English and Hawaiian. Commissioned

        by Timothy Carney for the Hawai’i Vocal Arts Ensemble.



        Chorus and Percussion (including Hawaiian ipu). Commissioned by House of

        Music, Honolulu, for the Hawai’i Festival of the Arts of This Century. First

        performed by the University of Hawai’i Chamber Singers, Philip Crabtree.




        Scored for mixed chorus, piano/organ, and soprano solo. Also scored for strings

        alone or chamber ensemble. First performed by members of the University of

        Hawai’i chamber singers and chamber ensemble, Timothy Carney, conductor,

        in St. Andrews Cathedral, Honolulu.


A VIRTUOUS WOMAN (1986) 7 min.

        SATB and Organ.

        Commissioned by Kamehameha Schools, Hawai’i for the dedication of the new

        Bernice  Pauahi Bishop Memorial Chapel. Text from Proverbs, Chapter 31, verses

        10-31 in English and Hawaiian. First performed in the Chapel on 4/3/88 by the

        Centennial Choir, Dorothy Gillett, conductor, Maude Kesaji Gibbs, organist.



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VOICE (solo)


THE DEAF MAN AND THE DIVA (1995) 10 min. 

        Text by William Leyerle.  Leyerle Pub.  For soprano and piano.

        "The vocal line contains every vocal style in the soprano repertoire…The mood  

        throughout is one of pedantic solemnity betrayed by the music into absolute

        hilarity…This piece is the ultimate inside joke – a marvelously witty caricature of

        the voice teaching profession turned loose on unsuspecting singers…”,

        Joyce Carman, Journal of Singing.


FOUR SPIRITUAL SONGS (1991) 8 min.  Leyerle Pub.

        For medium voice and piano.  Adaptation of revival songs with modal melodic

        lines and strong rhythm – "Ho, Everyone That Thirsts”, "Blos die  Drompeten,

        blos”, "Old Churchyard” and "End of the World.” Brought to Neil’s attention by

        Annette Johansson who was the first to sing the complete group.


 HOW LITTLE WHILE (1982) 8 min.

        For soprano and flute.  From Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

        First performed by Clare Hamamoto, soprano and Jean Harling, flute in

        Orvis Auditorium, Honolulu 10/22/82.


 HONOLULU (I fell in love with) (1967) 4 min.

        Popular song, words and music by Neil McKay.

        Arrangements: piano-vocal; male glee club (a capella); SATB and piano;

        SSA and piano; concert band with baritone (voice optional); jazz ensemble and

        tenor voice; symphony orchestra and baritone (see above under Orchestra).

        Recordings include:

        "Reaching Out Touching You”, Kamehameha Alumni Glee Club HS-540

        Dorothy Gillett, director

        "Time”, Lyle Ritz, ukulele, Sakuma Prodictions RSCD5583

        "Where is My Love Tonight,” Ohta San, ukulele, Sakuma Productions


        "The Best of the Makaha Sons,” Tropical Music SPCD9074

        "Return to Romance,” Matt Catingub Orchestra of Hawai’i,

        sung by Matt and Na Leo.


KUBLA KHAN (1977) 16 min.

        The musically surrealistic adaptation incorporates jazz, folk song and asian tonal elements

        Performed by Clare Hamamoto and faculty ensemble

        in Orvis Auditorium, Honolulu 4/17/78.   


LAZY MAN’S SONG (1966) 3 min. Poem by Po Chu-i.

        Performed by William Pfeiffer, baritone, and Ruth Pfeiffer, piano,

        in Orvis Auditorium, Honolulu 10/31/66.   


PATTERNS (1988) 12 minutes. Poem by Amy Lowell. Leyerle Pub.

        A monodrama for mezzo-soprano, commissioned by Annette Johansson

        who wanted something dramatic to perform on a concert tour in Sweden

        in 1988.  Also performed in Orvis Auditorium with Marion McKay, piano,

        11/7/88 and 10/9/89.


THERE ONCE WAS…(1981) 6 min. Leyerle Pub.

        Introduction and Five Limericks for MediumVoice and Piano.

        "A collection of typical limericks, this marvelous short cycle would add humor to

        any program for a singer with wit and style…”  Judith Carman, Journal of 

        Singing.  Sung most frequently by sopranos Annette Johanson and Kala Maxym.



        For Medium Voice and Chamber Ensemble (flute or recorder, guitar and perc.).

        Commissioned by Anne Miller, mezzo-soprano, who gave the first  performance

        in Orvis Auditorium, Honolulu, in 1/8/69.



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FOUR SKETCHES for Bassoon and Percussion (1985)10 min. Written for Paul

        Barrett, principal bassoon Honolulu Symphony.

        Premiered at Ist Uniterian Church, Honolulu, by Paul Barrett and

        Jason Arkis, percussion 3/26/85.




CONNEXIONS, Four Inventions for Bb Clarinet and Basset Horn or Bass

        Clarinet (1991) 10 min. RonCorp. Written on commission from the Office of

        Research Relations of the University of Hawaii-Manoa.  Performances by Scott

        Anderson, clarinet, and James Moffit, basset horn (1991 and by Scott Anderson,

        clarinet, and Joshua Ranz, bass clarinet (1999) in Orvis Auditorium, Honolulu.


SONATINA for Clarinet and Piano (1996) 12 min. Roncorp.

        Commissioned by Henry Miyamura. Premiered in Orvis Auditorium by Henry

        Miyamura and Marianne Miyamura in Orvis Auditorium, Honolulu (10/28/96).


SOUNDPRINTS for Clarinet and Koto (1982) 7 min. Roncorp.

        Winner, first prize, American Chamber Music Composition Competition (1983)

        sponsored Roncorp Publications. Premiered by Henry Miyamura, clarinet, and

        Neil McKay, koto, in Orvis Auditorium, Honolulu 11/1/82. 


SUITE OF MINIATURES for Bb Clarinet and Percussion (1989)

        10 min. Roncorp.  Commissioned by Hawai’i Music Teachers Association.

        Premiered by Henry Miyamura, clarinet, and Wayne Yabiku, percussion, at the

        home of Ellen Masaki, Honolulu 11/18/91.


French Horn


SONATINA for Horn and Piano (1962) 8 min.

        A three-movement work dedicated to and first performed by Harold Rutan, first

        horn of the Duluth Symphony Orchestra, and pianist Marion McKay at the

        University of Wisconsin, Superior 4/3/62.   Karl Pituch, first horn of the Honolulu

        Symphony, and Marion McKay performed the work in Orvis Auditorium,

        Honolulu, 10/9/89.




FOUR BY FOUR (2004) 7 min. Northeastern  Music Publications Inc.

        Soprano, alto, tenor, baritone sax. Four movements: Waltz, Eccentric Dance,

        Lullaby, Caprice.  Premiered by the University of Hawaii Saxophone Quartet, 

        Todd Yukumoto, director. Recorded by the Washington (DC) Saxophone Quartet



String Quartet


STRING QUARTET (1961) 10 min.

        Written at the MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, NH.  Premiered at the 4th

        Annual Symposium of Contemporary Music, University of Kansas, Lawrence.

        by the Chicago Fine Arts Quartet. "This work is an immediately communicative

        one…lyrical melodic lines and driving rhythms---delicate handling of subtle

        sonorities…” H.E. Smother, Lawrence Journal World 4/10/62.




SONATA for Violin and Piano (1952) 12 min.

        Audition work for entrance to the Eastman School of Music. Performed at

        Eastman for the 7th Annual Symposium of the International Federation of Music Schools 3/8/53

        "About your sonata: I am very sorry that you were unable to attend the

        performance at Eastman because for me to tell you of its reception there will

        probably sound exaggerated.  I can safely say, Neil, that it received a bigger

        ovation than any other work throughout the entire week . . .”  letter from Peter

        Harcourt, head of Toronto Conservatory delegation to the Symposium 3/31/53.


Woodwind Quintet


FIVE BY FIVE (1998) Five Miniatures (fl, ob, cl, hn, bsn) 8 min. Music for

        Winds, Marsha Schweitzer, Publisher. First performed by the Spring Wind

        Quintet at Christ Church, Kailua, Hawai’ 10/22/01, and again at Lutheran Church

        of Honolulu 10/29/01.  After a performance in Doris Duke Theatre, Honolulu,

        the reviewer wrote: "The pieces were short, sweet, and such fun! Clearly, music

        does not have to be grandiose to be wonderful.” Ruth Bingham, Honolulu

        Advertiser, 3/8/09.


String Quartet and Clarinet

        ODE TO AQUARIUS (2009) For solo Bb Clarinet and String Quartet.

        "Aquarius,” a mosaic created by artist Tadashi Sato in 1970, is displayed in the

        rotunda of the Hawai’i State Capitol building in Honolulu.  On its restoration in

        2009, Tadashi’s sister, Keiko, commissioned the composition "Ode to Aquarius.”

        in celebration. Premiered by James Moffitt, clarinet, and the Galliard String

        Quartet in Paliku Theatre, Kaneohe 4/4/2011 and the Doris Duke Theatre,

          Honolulu 4/10/2011.





WORLD(S) (1970) 7 min.

        Three-movement work commissioned by Ricardo Trimillos who performed

        the work in Hawai’i, on the mainland United States, and in countries around

        the world – the Philippines, Japan, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

        Performed by Keiko Nosaka in Carnegie Hall, New York as part of a world tour

        6/24/81. Recorded by Keiko Nosaka for Camerata Records (Tokyo) CMT-1048

        "…amusing juxtaposition of Balinese gamelan, serialism and blues…”

        John Rockwell, New York Times, 6/24/81.





FOUR MINIATURES (1957) Shawnee 1974

        "Dance, March, Lullaby, Caprice.” Premiered by Marion McKay, Superior, Wis.,

        5/31/57.  "…delightful contemporary sketches for the sophisticated young

        pianist…” "Even a more advanced pianist will enjoy these short contemporary

        compositions.” The American Music Teacher 11/12/75.


TRIOLOGUE for Two Prepared Pianos and Percussion (1969) 6 min.

        Premiered by Sumy Takesue and Mona Sen, pianos, and Gary Dunn, percussion

        in Orvis Auditorium, Honolulu 1/28/70.



        Written for and performed by pianist Peter Coraggio on a program presented by

        the Dance Department, Kennedy Theatre, University of Hawaii, Honolulu. It later

        became the first movement of  FIVE BY FIVE for woodwind quintet.



Composing and Arranging since 1987 . . .

Upon his retirement from teaching, Neil wrote a great deal of music for the

Hawai’i Youth Symphony, Henry Miyamura, conductor – new compositions to highlight

talented young instrumentalists, and symphonic arrangements to accompany guest artists.


^ top

      Hawai’i Youth Symphony (HYS)

      Henry Miyamura (HM)

      Hilton Hawaiian Village Ballroom (HHVB)


2000 For Makaha Sons: "Take a walk in the country” (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        "Nohili E”

        "Mehameha/White Sandy Beach”

        "Hawai’i Aloha”

        "I’ll Remember You”


        For Robi Kahakalau: "Keiki o Ka Aina” (HYS, HM, HHVB)


        "On Blue Bayou”


        For Leilani Springer: "Baby Beluga” (on Kaua’i) (HYS, HM)


        For University of Hawai’i Symphony Orchestra (HM):

        (Univ. of Hawai’i campus)  "Honolulu (I fell in love with)”

        Quinn Kelsey, baritone, Vicky Holt Takamine, dancer 


2001 For Jinny Tiu (piano) and orch: "It had to be you” (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        "Over the Rainbow”

        "I’m Always chasing rainbows”


        For Jake Shimabukuro, ukulele, and string quartet: "Moonlight Sonata”

        (Hawai’i Theatre, Honolulu)


2003 For cello solo and orch: "I’ll Remember You”  (HYS, HM, HHVB)


2004 For "Ten Feet”:  "Windward Skies” (HYS, HM, HHVB "You Were The One”

        "I’m The Only One For You”


        For Loea:   "Honolulu (I fell in love with)” (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        "Akaka Falls”


        "Yodel Song”


        For: seven senior orchestra instrumentalists: " Puka Shells” (HYS, HM, HHVB)


        For: Dance Program, University of Hawai’i  Jazz Ensemble,

        Pat Hennessy, director, Kennedy Theatre:

        Compositions: "Goofy Blues”

        "Sof’ Slippa”


        Arrangements with chorus: 

        "South Sea Island Magic”

        "My Hapa Haole Hula Girl”

        "Rhythm of the Islands”

        "Hula Blues”


2005   For Ho’okena:   "Ka I Ka Hoe” (HYS, HM, HHVB)


        "'Ulili E”

        "The Prayer”

        " Ala Pikake”


        "No Ke Aloha Ana ‘Ole”


        For ‘Ale’a:   "Nohili E” (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        "Pua Tubarose”

        "I’ll Remember You”


2006 FOUR STARS for violin, viola, cello and orchestra (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        IRISH AIR for orchestra (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        ALMA MATER (University of Hawai’i)

        "WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN” (variations on) 6 min.(HYS, HM, HHVB)

        Written on the conductor’s request to honor the seniors leaving the

        orchestra – flute, trumpet, viola, horn, cello, oboe, trombone, double bass


        For Hawai’i Boy Choir: "Over the Rainbow” (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        "This Is Our Island Home”

        For Nina Kealiiwahamana: "Hawaiian Lullaby” (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        "Ku’u Home ("Old Plantation”)

        " ‘Aola 


        For Riatea Helm: "Jesu – Ke Au Nani  (Lantern ceremony, Waikiki)

        For Keola Beamer"Honolulu City Lights (Lantern ceremony, Waikiki)


        For Maunalua: "Pele Kane” (HYS, HM, HHVB)


        "U’ilane/Baby Kale”

        "Nani Kaua’i”/”Aloha Ka Manini”


        "Ka Loka”


        For Uluwehi Guerrero: "Nani Kamakura”



2007 SWING DANCE for Orchestra and Four Clarinet Soloists, 7 min.

        Commissioned for HYS by HM, featuring four senior clarinetists (HYS, HM, HHVB)


        For Alvin Okami:"Fly Me to the Moon” (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        "My Romance”

        "A Dream Called Hawai’i”

        "Moon River”


2008 TRIO CON BRIO for Flute, Oboe, Horn and Orchestra, 10 min. (HYS, HM, HHVB)


        For Karen Keawehawai’i: "Ku’u Hoa” (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        "My Yellow Ginger Lei”

        "Kawano Nagare No Yo ni”


        For Willie K: "Unforgettable” (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        "Vivo per lei”

        "O Holy Night” (with Byron Yasui)


2009 For Willie K: "One for the troops” (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        "In this life”


        "Danny Boy”


2010 "OBLIVION” for solo violin, oboe, accordion, dancers and orchestra (HYS, HM, HHVB)


        For: Willie K and Makaha Sons: "Hualolai” (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        "Morning Dew/Kaleohano”

        "Ka Lihi Kai ‘o Ka’ena”


        For: Pierre Grill & Ginai and orchestra: "Here,There and Everythere”

        "Penny Lane”

        "Follow Your Heart”


2011 FOLK SONG FANTASY Honolulu Chamber Choir, Solo Clarinet, and Orchestra (HYS, HM, HHVB)



        For WillieK: "Minnie the Moocher” (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        "La vie en rose”

        "Lazy River”

        "If I Didn’t Care”

        "At last”

        "Let’s Go Fly A Kite”


2012 HOPE, poem by Emily Dickinson, for mezzo soprano, piano, flute, guitar, percussion.

        Commissioned by Annette Johansson.

        Premiered in THE MUSIC ROOM, Indianapolis 10/28/12.



        Lynell Bright, chorus master

        "Remember Who You Are”, Lynell Bright

        "Believing in Me”, Lynell Bright

        "Kau Kau Song/The Island Way,” Lois Gordon


2013 For Jimmy Borges: "My Little Grass Shack” (HYS, HM, HHVB)


        For Waitiki 7: "Firecrackers” (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        "Her Majesty’s Pearl (Randy Wong)


2014 For Hot Club of Hulaville

        Duanne Padilla, violin; Jeff Linsky, guitar; Sonny Silva, guitar (HYS, HM, HHVB)

        "Nuages” (Django Reinhardt)

        "Minor Swing” (Django Reinhardt)

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